What is it that we all have in common here in Idaho? We love the land that surrounds us, and we love the people in it.

On Nov. 8, we just need to prove that.

As firefighters and medics, it’s our job to respond when the people in our community need us most and that’s exactly what Ron Taylor is doing. As a 30-plus-year firefighter himself, we know he’ll support all first responders, from our brothers and sisters in law enforcement to the firefighters and EMS providers across the state.  But we also know he’ll work just as hard to preserve the freedoms that we, as Idahoans, believe in so deeply. The freedoms to have a great education, the healthcare we need, water for our farms and livestock, and a home to call our own. Because Ron knows that we all have a place in this beautiful state, and he’ll work to ensure that our shared goals keep Idaho the place we all love.

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