We are a small town in Idaho. We are a nationally ranked ski resort. We are both these things. We have attracted a rich clientele who appreciate our ski mountain and the culture that has been built up around it. And because of them and the charity of our local people, I can be grateful for a beautiful YMCA, a well-equipped hospital with equipment and staff and a first-class emergency room and a self-supporting hospice and community library.

I’m wondering, if Ketchum sold the land it owns where it wants to locate the Bluebird project, couldn’t the incentive remain to take those funds and build the same style housing on a more appropriate piece of ground? Perhaps that wouldn’t be easy, but then the Bluebird project took time to design and establish and the gains would be an opportunity to build the apartments/condos with more space, windows and parking, and we all know how that contributes to a better standard of living.

When workers come home from work they would have a place to park their vehicles, many of which would contain tools and equipment. Putting the kind of pressure on our workers to fight for parking in such a crowded area of Ketchum seems unrealistic, perhaps even unkind. As a community that needs, appreciates and respects its workers, I just think we can do better.

Patty Puz, Blaine County

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