Being a native of Idaho and having lived in Pocatello, Salmon and Payette, and finally settling in the Wood River Valley, I would like to share my thoughts about “fixing up Hailey.” I also spent a part of my young life in Las Vegas, so I have been exposed to a “lively” dressing up of town. I urge citizens of Hailey to please keep Hailey looking and feeling like a true Idaho town. It does not need to be glitzed up, and the hometown appeal is endearing and comforting for those who live in the valley or are passing through.

Idaho is Idaho and people come (and stay more and more) because of the beauty and down-home feeling that is offered. We don’t need to advertise, promote or entice with garish and weird “upgrades.” Paint your own house if you feel the need to make a statement, but leave our Idaho hometowns alone.

Sharon Parker, Bellevue

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