Citizens of Hailey are fortunate to have a council candidate who is willing to make sure that the concerns of our growing community and especially our Latino population are factored into all decisions by our City Council.

Juan Martinez has the passion and the vision to serve. Whether coaching middle-schoolers on the playing fields or customizing services for members at the Valley Club, his vision is solidly about expanding cross-cultural and socioeconomic engagement.

He firmly believes that with any new annexation, for example, the city must take responsibility for designing neighborhoods that allow for cultural development as well. Our community should continue to utilize sports, trails and bike paths to connect us to each other and our homes.

Endorsed by the Conservation Voters for Idaho, Juan has expressed a commitment to clean energy, solar capture and all things ensuring a safe and secure outdoors that will strengthen the assets we hold dear as reasons for living here.

Juan sees the lack of affordable housing killing our diversity, tampering with our politics and ignoring the demographic (including younger workers like himself) that lives here. He is committed to building a stronger understanding for what constituents care about: More evidence, more diversity equals smarter decisions.

Juan has demonstrated his skills as a leader working with young people in other places in our country beyond the Wood River Valley, in addition to many in Israel and Palestine. In the sports arena, he regularly tests his ability to make sound decisions based on a combination of evidence and empathy. This plus having the ability to embrace new and different ideas will be an advantage in a complex city environment.

Join me in voting for Juan Martinez for Hailey City Council Seat 4.

Darlene Dyer, Hailey

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