Rapidly evolving realities in our fair valley have made Friedman Memorial Airport an anachronism clearly demanding relocation of all airport operations to BLM lands south of Timmerman Hill in Blaine County.

Funding from whatever infrastructure legislation finds its way out of Congress should be available. Local officials need to focus and concentrate their energy on this objective at this moment in time. Please call them if you agree.

I believe a new, state-of-the-art airport at this location, North Magic Valley Regional Airport, would be the most effective economic stimulus not just for our fair valley, but for all of District 26, more effectively integrating the economies of all our counties and communities by pooling resources to provide a wider array of options to find solutions for housing and employment demands in our area.

Friedman is on a fast track to becoming Hailey International Airport, smothering our public schools and all the children in Hailey and Bellevue with toxic Jet-A fuel exhaust fumes, already a problem, along with the accompanying cacophony of dawn-until-midnight disruption from exponentially increasing air traffic.

As part of its examination of Friedman’s future, the Airport Board stated that “[i]n 2006, a Site Selection and Feasibility Study concluded that the current airport site was no longer a viable option for future airport operations.”

All the self-serving, special-interest agendas, any misinformation or false narratives and a million hours of discussion and debate will never change that indisputable, singular reality.

William F. Hughes, Hailey

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