I support U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson’s plan to breach the four lower Snake River dams in southeast Washington state: Ice Harbor, Lower Monumental, Little Goose and Lower Granite, locks and dams. These obsolete locks and dams need to be removed immediately to ensure the survival of Chinook salmon and steelhead, enabling the Snake River to flow freely so these fish can reach their spawning grounds in central Idaho. People can go to simpson.house.gov/salmon and read “The Northwest in Transition” for information

First, we need to make everyone whole who relies on the lower Snake River: from agricultural farmers to barge operators to irrigation districts to commodity export people to farmers and to power generation. Let’s pick up the conversation today to find solutions together to solve transportation needs, alternative power generation, irrigation and flood controls and recreation needs, before these iconic fish have become extinct.

We need the lower Snake River to flow free. This is a monumental task with monumental consequences. Because if we do nothing and continue the status quo then we have doomed these fish to extinction. And then what? Fubar! We are better than that, we need to at least try, we know the science behind it and know the solutions, it’s been over 30-plus years in the making. Time to act today. People should contact their senators, congressmen, governors and the president of the USA. It’s time!

John Kendall


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