I have seen disturbing pictures from migrant concentration camps, and there are many unseen locations that may be worse.  We may only speculate with no access allowed.

Could you stand all day with no sitting space? Could you sit cramped all night with no lying-down space?

Science has studied the effects of separation trauma in children. They are not small adults. The problems of this induced trauma are specific to children and may be permanent. Physical and psychological problems begin quickly affecting learning and causing durable mood disorders. These problems are being seen in child detention jails and include illness, distress, depression and abject lethargy. The longer a child lives with this anxiety, the harder it is to treat and may cause permanent disorders. Doing this to children willfully is criminal child abuse.

I pity the imprisoned and consider the perpetrators of this monstrous condition repugnant. As well, a comparison is being made between the inhumanity of World War II and American migrant detention. History may correlate them.

We are allowing a historic mistake to persist and a reckoning will come. The United States will be reviled for generations for what we are doing to a vulnerable migrant population.

Ben Schepps, Hailey

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