As if predators in Idaho didn’t have enough problems just existing, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and trophy hunters want you to believe that killing predators is conservation. That is so very far from the truth. The truth is that biodiversity health in an ecosystem depends on predators to maintain balance. They have been doing that for many millions years to produce the wildlife and ecosystems most of us love so much.

Scientists all over the world are worried about biodiversity loss. Hunting furbearers and predators is a big factor in declining biological diversity. To kill for fun, for money, or to “protect” livestock is anathema to what Aldo Leopold and the Wildlife Society envisioned nearly 100 years ago when they presented wildlife management principles. The North American Model for Conservation of Wildlife declares that the “frivolous use” of wildlife is simply unsustainable.

The livestock industry shirks their responsibilities for keeping their animals safe and expects the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to kill predators on their behalf. The Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services aids the Idaho Department of Fish and Game in aerial gunning to make your public lands safe for livestock or to grow elk herds that are already record breaking. IDFG and its Wolf Control Board fund bounties and foot the bill for all of this destruction.

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