Housing matters. Tourism matters. Voting matters.

Vote “Yes” on LOT reallocation. Since its inception, tourism has been an integral component of our valley’s economic well being. Like it or not, we are a tourist town, and our economic health relies heavily on our out-of-state visitors. When the nation’s economy collapsed in 2009, Visit Sun Valley was created to help rebuild and maintain the health of our local tourism economy because our town was quickly dying on the vine.

Considering where we are today, we would say they have done an effective job. In fact, the “1% LOT” for air has worked so well, that Visit Sun Valley and the Fly Sun Valley Alliance, are enthusiastic about forfeiting 50% of LOT income to community housing efforts, without abandoning their current services. That is responsible and community-minded stewardship. Not only will it help locals live in the town where they work, but we won’t have to sacrifice any of our local flights and shuttles. It’s a win-win for our local economy. Housing and air service out our back door.

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