The Ketchum Boutique Hotel, a proposed 100-room, six-story, 72-foot-high project on the south end of Main Street, has been fast-tracked for consideration by the mayor and City Council on Monday, Sept. 16, at 4 p.m. My LLC owns the adjacent property, so I am hoping that reason prevails and the proposed project is scaled down.

The applicant seeks extraordinary waivers that would allow it to double the permitted height, almost quadruple the floor-area ratio, eliminate setbacks altogether on River Street and reduce the setbacks from my property line from 24 feet to 5 feet. The applicant hopes to build six stories when the code for the Tourist zone sets the limit at four. The applicant hopes to do all this on barely more than an acre of land, so it will need another waiver from the 3-acre minimum for a PUD. The project will add more than 700 additional vehicle trips per day and encroaches into the right of way on River Street. It will cast a substantial shadow onto both River Street and Main Street for significant portions of the day almost all winter long.

In exchange for the waivers, the applicant must provide the city with public benefits. For now, those benefits include a bar, restaurant and conference space open to the public and some employee housing. These are nothing more than standard hotel offerings.

Anyone who agrees that the proposed hotel is too much for the gateway to Ketchum should attend the meeting and ask the mayor and council members to scale this project down and get some meaningful public benefits.

Bob Korb, Ketchum

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