The Ketchum Planning and Zoning Commission has passed the proposed 100-unit Marriott Hotel slated for the gateway site on the west side of Highway 75 at the entrance to Ketchum. This was despite the many community objections to waivers for height, density, number of stories and setbacks. Nor did they respond to concerns about the significant traffic impacts at this location. It now goes to the City Council for final approval with a hearing slated for Monday, Sept. 16.

This is not about whether or not to allow hotels. We should encourage hotels within the rules. But, we should abide by our own zoning laws that were carefully put in place to protect all. This is the wrong site for a hotel of this size. It will be imposing and out of scale with its surroundings and will change the character of Ketchum. One of the waivers will allow for a height variance to 72 feet, almost double the height allowed in this zone.

Please let the council know of our objections to the use of waivers. How can we justify waivers for some and not all? Please let the council know about your concerns, or they will pass this and we will have to live with the many ramifications. You can email the council at You can also sign the petition that is on labeled “Stop the Marriott in Ketchum.” And, you can attend the hearing and let our voices be heard.

Scott Hanson, Fox Island, Wash.

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