Did you know that most pet owners are excluded from renting property in the Wood River Valley? Our community desperately needs pet-friendly rental housing. The shortage is critical, as many rental properties have been converted to short-term rentals to take advantage of the higher rates they can obtain from vacation rentals, leaving fewer long-term rental properties for our frontline workers, especially those with a companion pet. Most of these properties have rules forbidding the renter to have a pet.

Homeowners associations have created CC&Rs that allow the owner to have pets but not the tenants, and many new owners are completely unaware of this restriction. These CC&Rs usually have clauses with strict rules about pet ownership. If the renters are prepared to pay extra deposits for their pets, then why not allow them the chance to live in these properties so long as they observe the same rules as the owner? We need property owners to work with us, to attend their HOA meetings and lobby to change the tenant pet restriction in the CC&Rs. This is a dog-friendly mountain area, without housing options to support responsible pet owners.

Frontline, service, nonprofit and other entry-

level employees in our valley are especially af-fected. Businesses struggle to find employees who

invariably have a pet but cannot move here with-

out a place to live. The result is that often they

have to surrender their pets to Mountain Humane.

The emotional human/animal toll is enormous.

Let’s all work together, lawyers, owners and presidents of the HOAs, to change this clause in your CC&Rs and make it possible for responsible pet owners to work and live in our beautiful Wood River Valley.

We will all benefit.

Sally Onetto

Mountain Humane board president

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