There is a petition going around from hairstylists in different states asking their governor to let salons become an “essential business” one client at a time. I am a local stylist who lives and works in Hailey, and I am adamantly opposed to such a petition. I love every single one of my clients. I miss them dearly. But COVID-19 is a silent, wide-spreading disease. We cannot maintain 6 feet of social distancing, even one client at a time.

    I have worked in this industry for 26-plus years. I will not risk my career, my health, my family’s health, my clients’ health and their families’ health. My income came to an abrupt halt because of COVID-19. But I have a responsibility to all involved, and I am not willing to reopen my salon doors until it is safe to do so. Period.

    To my fellow hairstylists, we need to wait it out. We need to be patient because as soon as this is over, we will be a stronger community and our clients will return. Imagine some of your clients realizing they actually like their natural color! People will always need their hair done. Please, let’s all come back onto the scene when it is safe to do so.

    To the public, please think about the pressure you are putting on us by signing this petition and asking us to make house calls. We can be fined, lose our license and/or be served a long suspension. I never thought in my life that being a stylist would not be essential, and I took that for granted. At the end of the day, we are all still in this together. Yes, we are needed; however, we are not essential.

Landi Nance, Hailey

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