ng on Aug. 20. I was told this meeting was about getting input on whether the city should buy the lot behind City Hall. It sounded like that decision was already made. We were told they close in under three weeks and offered $950,000.

I’ve lived here for about 50 years as a developer, builder and Realtor. I’ve been to numerous City Council and Blaine County meetings, and this one was nothing I had seen before. I was told this would be about people approving this purchase, when in fact the lot was getting bought regardless, without us ever realizing it. The whole meeting was about how excited they were to buy it with our money and avoided all questions that I and others asked about the details of this lot.

The basic plan for this lot is to build a small city park calling it “City Center.” This is not a view for a city park, nor a safe place for children/kids to walk to. The views surrounding this lot are hard-core commercial. The alleyway between the lot and City Hall is one of the most used alleyways in our town. There is no way it could ever be closed unless you were going to buy the businesses all around it. The alley is filled with cars lined up for advocate donations, traffic from various food and beverage trucks and the garbage truck that services all the nearby restaurants.

Folks, go stand on this lot and look around you. See if you can convince yourself that this is a place to call our City Center. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. Isn’t there a better use for this lot? Don’t we need housing?

Ken Hills, Hailey

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