Congratulations to Sam Linnet and Juan Martinez on their recent election

to the Hailey City Council. Their fresh

outlooks and vitality will help move the city of Hailey forward with a broader representation of our whole community. While benefiting from the long and broad experience of Mayor-elect Martha Burke, they will have a chance to bring new perspectives to the continuing issues of Hailey’s growth and management while addressing the time-sensitive issue of transitioning to clean, efficient energy use throughout our community.

I believe the promise of focus and leadership on our climate crisis had much to do with both candidates’ strong wins this year, and their focus and concern are seriously needed. While Councilwomen Kaz Thea and Martha Burke provided the strong voices needed last year to hire our present, five-hour-per-week resiliency coordinator, our new council now shows promise of working together effectively to hire and support a more meaningful staff position to direct our local transition.

It is also our hope that the election of Juan Martinez, the first Latinx elected official in our valley, will broaden public participation and voice between the city and the 30 percent of our population that has been so seriously under-represented.

The results of this election are exciting and indicate that our city is ready for meaningful change and our City Council can now better reflect the entire community.

Rob Lonning and Elizabeth Jeffrey, Hailey

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