I intend to vote for Jacob Greenberg this fall for Blaine County commissioner. I know him personally and I know how much time and effort he spends in his position for all of us in the county. There are hardly enough hours in the day for him to do all that he does, but he serves everyone in Blaine County with his endeavors. One of the main reasons I support him, among many others, is how he has come through in the pandemic.

It was Jacob who worked with Gov. Little’s office and the town mayors in our county to get a self-isolation order to protect those of us who live here, our visitors and especially our health workers to stop community spread. We went from one of the worst hot spots in the country to flattening our curve because he was on call and working almost 24/7. Jacob also collaborated to bring in outside experts and resources to help expand testing and contact tracing. One result was the testing partnership with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, St. Luke’s Foundation and the Albany College of Pharmacy, Health and Sciences.

Without Jacob’s efforts, I think many more of our residents would have ended up in the hospital and our hot spot would not have cooled off as fast as it did. I am so grateful for his foresight, his research and his handling of the facts of this disease. I want him as commissioner for another term. I encourage others to vote for him, too.

Julie Weston, Hailey

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