As firefighters and paramedics, we’ve seen firsthand the integrity, excellence and culture of service that Commissioner Greenberg has brought to our county. For years we’ve all benefited from his broad visions for our community as well as his fair and unfaltering guidance in all matters affecting the Wood River Valley.

In the last six crucial months, every first responder, citizen and visitor has been safer because of Commissioner Greenberg’s actions and planning. Due to his hard work, the emergency response system in our valley adjusted seamlessly to the COVID-19 pandemic and our ambulance service was able to continue to provide an excellent level of service. Since he was first elected, Commissioner Greenberg has strongly and consistently supported the Emergency Service workers who protect you, the citizens of Blaine County.

The Ketchum Professional Firefighters unconditionally endorse Jacob Greenberg for county commissioner.

Greg Martin, Vice President of Ketchum Professional Firefighters Local 4758

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