Having served as an elected official in the state Legislature for 18 years as House minority leader and member of the powerful budget committee, I personally know how important it is to build consensus to solve problems. I have been impressed with Blaine County Commissioner Jacob Greenberg’s unfailing efforts to reach out to citizens and stakeholders to gain input and develop consensus on Blaine County issues. This is time-consuming and tough to do, but I have observed that Jacob considers and weighs everyone’s opinions in reaching his decisions. Not everyone may be happy with the outcome, but Greenberg treats people with respect and reaches out for comments to assist his decision-making.

In this time of COVID-19, Jacob stepped up immediately to work with the Emergency Medical Services group and the mayors of Blaine County’s cities to coordinate a unified response to the pandemic. He organized town meetings to keep us all in the loop. These partnerships and this coordinated approach helped reduce the infection rate in Blaine County while the rest of the state and country’s infections rates continued to soar. Jacob continues to monitor and lead on this issue.

Please join me in voting for Jacob Greenberg for Blaine County commissioner. Reaching consensus, teambuilding, respecting the ideas of others and bringing people together are needed more now than ever before. Jacob’s track record demonstrates that we all should vote yes for Greenberg for county commissioner.

Wendy Jaquet, Blaine County

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