Athletic Director Kevin Stilling has been very busy piecing together instrumental puzzle pieces for the future of the female athletic programs at Wood River High School—and with phenomenal success!

Just weeks ago, hiring alumna Tanner Dredge Riley as the head soccer coach, and Tanner’s adding  alumna Aimee Evans to the program, to last week announcing Kristyn Price Rutland as the new head volleyball coach have set up a bright and extraordinarily future for female athletics at WRHS. Riley, Evans and Rutland are legendary players in their respective programs, still holding numerous records and honors. They will do the same for their programs as coaches—they are champions.

As we have seen in the NCAA men’s and women’s golf programs, hiring alumni to return and lead their programs has had very impactful success on and off the competitive field. Installing this formula at the high school level is brilliant. Is anyone thinking what I’m thinking? Is K.T. Martinez available in the future?

Congratulations WRHS and Stilling, Riley, Evans and Rutland. Start building a new trophy case now!

I’m excited for the school future athletic program, the community and families of Hailey, Bellevue and Ketchum, but mostly I’m excited for the athletes and their teams because there’s always a coach that changes your life. Yours have just arrived.

Georgia Hutchinson, Ketchum

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