I seldom agree with your opinion pages, however this time I do ("Local news hangs in the balance," published as a guest opinion by Steve Waldman on Nov. 5). Freedom of the press is an essential right in the United States and a core principle of democracy. Protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, a free press helps maintain the balance of power in government.

What I would like to call you to task on is that a free unbiased press is what is needed to "save democracy." That has been lost in my opinion by most of what's referred to as the mainstream media. It's not your local reporting of the news I take exception to. It is your almost exclusively left-leaning opinions and editorial commentary that I find very off-putting.

So if you want my support to include providing a payroll tax credit for local news organizations in the Build Back Better plan, then you need to be the news organization whose opinions and editorials reflect the politics and opinions of your readership.

Alan Patty, Sun Valley

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