You have the opportunity to stop the privatization of desirable national forest land.

    Western Pacific Timber Inc. (owned by the billionaire Tim Blixeth) purchased denuded, entirely clearcut private industrial timberland bordering the Clearwater National Forest. They then announced their intention to trade for 17,854 acres (28 square miles) of pristine national forest land scattered in the Clearwater, Nez Perce and Idaho Panhandle national forests.

     The US Forest Service completed a draft EIS analyzing the exchange in 2010.  About 92 percent of the people who commented on the DEIS opposed the trade. Then, the Clearwater National Forest supervisor went to Idaho’s U.S. Sen. Crapo asking them to explore introducing a bill (probably a rider) to legislate the exchange.

    The Upper Lochsa Land Exchange is the national model to privatize desirable national forest land. It must be stopped.

    Please tell your senators how you feel by sending a letter to their offices.

Dick Artley

U.S. Forest Service, retired

Grangeville, Idaho

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