The Hot Dog Hill proposal, slated to cover one-half block along Main between Fourth and Fifth Streets may, or may not, meet the ordinance requirements for such a structure. But I have found it amusing that some of the critics claim that the building will not fit with the character of town. This is not the first proposed building to raise the ire of the character police. Nor is it the first time I have been amused by the reference. Perhaps the city should sponsor a contest to create a concise, ordinance-appropriate phrase, defining, once and for all, Ketchum’s character. The old best phrase, “funky eclecticism,” seemed perfect until we lost Brother Jake’s Hop Shed, among a rogues’ gallery of other fondly remembered establishments. Perhaps that phrase is still appropriate, with the caveat that Ketchum’s character has been, and always will be, a moving target.

Curtis Kemp, La Conner, Wash.

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