This year, Fish and Game decided to issue 5,000 elk permits: a depredation hunt to keep elk from interfering with ranchers feeding their herds and eliminating the nuisance factor in our southern counties. In their reasoning, there are too many and this kind of hunt is appropriate.

Too many elk? Last winter, elk were trapped once again in record deep snow. Many starved because Fish and Game said no to feeding stations in our valley, despite a lot of public input to do so. There was funding to set up stations (due to elk tag sales), but they chose instead to put that funding in the general coffer. And now, they tell us there are too many? To add more attitude to their thinking is senseless killing that occurs: An elk trapped in the snow along the road is shot instead of being helped, a bear cub was killed instead of being given to a group who could easily have saved him.

“Fish and Lame” they are, with a management activity that prefers to kill or starve these “bothersome” creatures. This is genocide. We live in elk habitat and they deserve to be here. Our wildlife need help during unseasonable winters. This “management” plan cannot be allowed to stand.

Please take the time to write or call your elected officials so we might eliminate the cruel insensitive bureaucracy forever.

Theodore Waddell, Hailey

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