A little bear cub, hungry, scared and looking for its mother and the good old boys at Fish and Game solved the problem, like they usually do, with the least amount of effort and expense and with total disregard for life.

I was under the impression that the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s role in our wildlife was the preservation, management and welfare of our wild game. But, it would appear that their real mandate is to dispose of any animal in the most expeditious and least expensive manner. I personally think it is time for a complete change of management and mission at the department. At this moment, it appears that the only goal they pursue is the selling of hunting and fishing licenses at any cost. And remember folks, these are the same people that bring you animal trapping in the 21st century, probably the most inhumane way of killing animals ever invented by man.

This is also the agency that’s at the forefront of allowing chronic wasting disease at our borders and will soon be in our animal population across the state, because the very organization that is mandated the stewardship of our wild game has had an almost fanatical campaign against the reintroduction of the wolf. The wolf is one of the key predators that cull out the sick, old and diseased deer, elk and moose, thus keeping our herds strong and healthy. Chronic wasting disease is an incurable brain disease found in deer, elk and moose, and has the state of Colorado in full response mode trying to contain a disease that is, at the present, uncontainable.

David C. Wray, Hailey

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