Tomorrow night, Dec. 6, a crucial step will take place regarding whether the Idaho Public Utilities Commission will be allowed to force through the unnecessary overhead redundant power line.

This overhead power line would decimate private-property values along Buttercup Road and destroy our scenic byway along Highway 75 from the Valley Club going north, severely lowering property values in Golden Eagle, East Fork, Gimlet, Lane Ranch, etc., since many of those residents would directly view these giant steel poles placed approximately 25 feet apart along Highway 75, and in some cases, such as in Audubon Place in East Fork, residents will face this overhead power line directly as they are barbecuing in their backyards.

In addition to the blight along this scenic corridor, let us not create another catastrophic Camp Fire, as happened recently in Paradise, Calif., with 88 people dead and 196 people still missing. On Nov. 29, a federal judge ordered PG&E to answer for the deadly Camp Fire.

By putting this power line underground, all of these blight and safety issues could be resolved.

Please join me at the Old County Courthouse in Hailey tomorrow, Dec. 6, at 6:30 p.m. to express your views.

Linda Pertel, Sun Valley

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