Esther Irene Boyd’s 100th birthday! A great big thank-you to everyone who helped this precious woman celebrate 100 years safely! If you have posted on the Fans of Esther Facebook page, we will be sure that she gets the message. If you came to the parade, please feel free to view and share photos/videos on her page.

What a day! A total of 72 vehicles were in Esther’s Happy Birthday Parade. A big, big thank-you to all of you. “Huge Air Hugs!” A special thanks to our firefighters and police officers and members of the Sheriff’s Office who made this parade very special. She absolutely loved the sirens and the “Happy Birthday, Esther!” over the speakers! A heartfelt thank-you to The Senior Connection and all of Esther’s dear friends who lovingly cheered as they drove by. Thank you, dear, loving family members. She was thrilled and amazed! “I pert near fell off my chair!” she said. Big love to you all.

All of our family has a deep sense of gratitude to live in a community of such caring, giving, loving and happy people. We are honored to share our days with you in this very special valley.

Teri Lee Niedrich, Bellevue

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