Eric Parker, state Senate candidate in District 26, claims to be a “constitutionalist,” and to be in favor of responsible government. Based on his behavior at the Bundy Ranch in 2014, I find those claims curious, so let’s look at them under a microscope.

I have reread the Constitution and I can’t find where it gives Mr. Parker the authority to lie on an overpass with a rifle pointed at BLM employees trying to enforce a law passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the president, as required by Article 1, and upheld by the courts as required by Article 3. It seems to me that responsible government would mean supporting the public servants trying to enforce the constitutionally enacted laws that Mr. Bundy was defying.

And now I have heard Mr. Parker say that “an unjust law is an illegal law per the Constitution.” And again, I can’t find in the Constitution where it gives him the authority to decide if a law is just or not. My reading of that great document tells me that Article 3 gives that power to the courts, not some guy from Hailey, Idaho. If we all individually took up arms against any law we didn’t like or considered unjust, that would be an unworkable society.

Lying on that overpass in Nevada with a rifle pointed at public servants doing their job under the authority of the Constitution was a lawless and anarchist act. There is no way around that. The fact that Mr. Parker escaped serious prison time can be chalked up to prosecutorial incompetence, not to some twisted version of justice.

I firmly support the Constitution, and responsible government, and that is why I’m voting for Michelle Stennett on Nov. 3.

Ed Cannady, Hailey

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