Now is the time to ask President Biden to cancel all contracts for border wall construction. I love this dry but beautiful area. It teems with life. Many different ecosystems inhabit this area. It contains many Native American sacred sites.

This wall has had many deleterious effects on the environment and on the wildlife. Migration of wildlife has been disrupted. Road building has ground up fragile soils, causing terrible dust. Water is being drawn from local water sources to tamp down this dust, resulting in a drop in water tables. Also water is being used for construction like cement mixing. This has dried up springs, sources for wildlife to drink.

Whole mountains are being blown up and rock rubble is left behind. Private property has been condemned and confiscated to build the wall. This property must be returned to its rightful owners.

Now there are actually more reported arrests of immigrants along this wall than before it was built. More are crossing than did before!

This has been a terrible waste of money and of resources. We need to stop this immediately and begin to restore this fragile environment.

Martha S. Bibb


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