No wonder U.S. elections cost so many zillions of dollars, what with all the advertising, flying around the nation speech-giving, polling, hiring staff and lobbyists, sucking up to rich donors—and all going on for two years. What madness is this? And is anyone running the country in the meantime? How on earth are we supposed to watch polls and thrill to endless speeches and empty promises and actually, in the end, give a damn? It gets so repetitious and tedious and boring, and ends up making you wonder if anyone who is prepared to take part in such an idiotic process, never mind win it, is really who we want and need in the White House? “The most powerful person in the world,” or so we are constantly told.

English elections, I seem to remember, take about six weeks, and aren’t conducted like popularity contests or Miss Universe pageants. Oh, and I forgot to mention the gerrymandering and voter suppression that goes on quite openly in this country in order to assure the outcome.

Maybe the plan is to make us so fed up we just want it all to be over? It got us Trump last time. 

‘Nuff said.

Diana Fassino, Hailey

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