I recently had the pleasure of getting to know both Stephen McDougall Graham and his wife Naomi as I helped them, as a mortgage broker, through the process of finding a home here in the Wood River Valley. Despite many setbacks in their home search due to the same instances that are making it difficult for many to find a home here, the McDougall Grahams are dedicated to staying in this community and persisted.

Having personally gone through the process of becoming a first-time homebuyer, he will be an asset to the scores of first-time homebuyers and wannabe first-time homebuyers in the area.

Not only has Stephen proven to me personally what an asset he is to this community, he has an exemplary record as County Clerk where he was appointed by unanimous vote by the County Commissioners. He has worked to bring in millions of dollars in ARPA and COVID relief funds for the county and put it directly in the hands of local businesses impacted by the pandemic. It cannot be stressed enough right now how important it is to help small businesses, and I appreciate that Stephen has made this a priority.

Julie Harris


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