Your editorial rant (“Firing impeachment witnesses shatters presidential mirage,” Feb. 12) included some factual inaccuracies and some misrepresentations, unintentionally I’m sure. But they cry out for correction.

Your description of Rush Limbaugh as being brutishly racist and a conspiracy theorist indicates to me that you have never personally listened to the program. I have probably listened every two weeks or so for eight years. I have been impressed that he is unfailingly logical, knowledgeable and respectful to every caller. His callers are multiracial and often hold political opinions at odds with those of Mr. Limbaugh’s. Ask yourself whether you would be as tolerant and gentle as he, were you in a discussion with a person whose political viewpoint conflicted with yours.

Regarding [Army Lt. Col. Alexander] Vindman, you failed to mention that National Security Council staff members serve at the pleasure of the president and that the normal tour is two years. Their tour would have ended in July. You implied that these poor souls were to be cast into the void, unemployed and impoverished. No, they remain in the Army and return to normal duties as determined by the Department of Defense.

Lastly, you mentioned Vindman’s father, who escaped the Soviet dictatorship. You dishonestly equated retribution in the USSR with the “retribution” exercised by the White House. In the USSR, the word means beatings, prison and death. In the U.S. it means loss of a political position and return to your regular job as an officer in the Army. Surely you knew this when you penned this dishonest editorial.

Jerry Davis, Ketchum

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