We are in full agreement with Tom Cushman's letter, "Pave Paradise, Put Up a Parking Lot" written in "Other Views" in the Aug. 10 Mountain Express. We could not have put it more eloquently on all of his points.

As citizens and taxpayers of Sun Valley we were never surveyed nor asked about this and many other "follies" undertaken by this city and its council. They talk about a "focus group." We would love to know who was in that group, as we citizens never heard any thing about it. We would have happily volunteered, as I know of many of my Sun Valley neighbors would have as well. How are all these costly idea's going to benefit the tax paying citizens, many of whom live in Elkhorn or at least very distant from the so called "open space park for the community."

We have plenty of current parks, amphitheaters, concert venues and bike paths in our area. The current usage of the meadow as open space is entirely adequate for pretty much all of the events that use it now as well as the ones that have used it over the many years. In addition, the current inflated and horribly high price of building, paving, landscaping, materials and the ongoing labor shortages, mean now is not a good time to be undertaking another expensive taxpayer funded project!

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