Your editorial stating that critical race theory (“Critical race theory is not to be feared,” May 19) is about studying how race has affected human history demonstrates that you have had no exposure to CRT. One can only look around this country and see the resistance to CRT training as many parent groups protest their school boards over indoctrination techniques around this theory (not fact) being implemented into the curricula. Employees of organizations implementing CRT training would also be protesting if they were not so afraid of losing their jobs. When so many think this teaching is wrong, don’t you think you should listen to why instead of calling the claim “ridiculous,” “nonsense” or “hysterics”?

A divisive ideology, CRT contends that the systems defining this country are irredeemably racist and calls for a complete overhaul of our economic, legal, social, government and family institutions. It makes racial identity a priority and discriminates in the treatment of people by racial groups. It defines American exceptionalism as white supremacy and puts down all we have taught our kids about hard work and individual liberty. In short, it teaches racial antagonism.

America was the first to proclaim all men are created equal. Early Americans recognized the evils of slavery and effectively fought over the generations to rid us of this heinous practice. Continuing with the civil rights movement, we dismantled all legal and social barriers to black advancement. Throughout our history, millions of U.S. citizens sacrificed their lives fighting for equal treatment and freedom. And this is how we repay them?

Even if the harsher premise of CRT is not taught, the fundamental racism it propagates remains. Our children need to learn historical facts and the ability to debate. They need to learn critical thinking, not CRT. Our country depends on that. So call us ridiculous.

Mia Miller, Push Back Idaho Citizens Committee, Sun Valley

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