Our valley is making great progress toward our clean energy goals! Having three of our cities and Blaine County recently commit to climate action is crucial.

Now comes the hard work of putting policy and plans in place to fulfill those commitments. The city of Hailey has a resiliency director, but her position is funded for only five hours per week, hardly sufficient for the task ahead. Therefore, much of the work falls on the already overburdened department heads.

I believe that the city of Hailey needs to do two things:

First, increase funding for the resiliency director in the next budget plan, so she will have enough time to address the challenges with which she is faced.

Second, create a citizens advisory committee similar to the one in Ketchum. The Ketchum Sustainability Action Committee is a group of citizens who meet with a liaison staff member and help with climate-related issues. Our committee would assist with climate-action issues in the same way that the Tree Committee, the History and Arts Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission help with the work that needs to be done.

We have made a great start, but one thing is clear: We will need more focus, more outreach, more new ideas and more conversations to reach our goal. The one thing we don’t have is more time.

Sue Petersen, Hailey

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