There is much talk and letter writing these days regarding recycling and minimizing the use of plastics. There is one thing that nearly everyone does that could be eliminated and which would reduce a great deal of plastic in our landfills. This one thing is the plastic kitchen garbage bag.

Based on what I see in the dumpster outside my apartment house, it appears to me nearly everyone uses a plastic garbage bag in their kitchen. Here is my suggestion: Simply stop using a plastic kitchen garbage bag. Instead, put the kitchen garbage directly into a kitchen garbage container. I have been doing this for over eight years now. When the kitchen garbage container is full, I take it out to the dumpster and dump the contents in the dumpster. I then take the container back to the kitchen and using a sponge I clean out the container. This cleaning job takes less than five minutes. The clean kitchen garbage container is now ready to receive garbage for the next seven to 10 days.

By using a plastic kitchen garbage bag, we are intent on keeping our kitchen as clean as possible and with the least effort. But in doing this we are placing a great burden on our Mother Earth. The information I have tells me that the millions of plastic kitchen garbage bags in our landfills will take about 800 years to kind-of decompose. And that decomposition will turn the plastic bags into a kind of mush not entirely decomposed. In addition, the contents, such as vegetable and animal matter, will not decompose quickly because the decomposition requires aerobic bacteria, which means the bacteria need air (i.e. oxygen). The plastic bag prevents the decomposition bacteria from doing what God has designed them to do.

William Daspil, Snohomish, Wash.

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