Kudos to Emily Thayer and Dakota Hutton.

I was witness to one Blaine County school board meeting in which Emily was stifled and I also witnessed the depredation of speech at the district’s open forum, in which both girls were victims.

For Superintendent Holmes to use the excuse of “express their opinions in the proper manner” suggests that the only “proper manner” would be to praise Ms. Holmes and never, ever criticize her anarchist-type ruling. The whole idea that she felt she had the right to control their freedom of speech and dictate what they could or could not say speaks volumes about her.

I also want to give a shout-out to the teacher; I am sure she was reprimanded in what she hoped would be a lesson for democracy.

It was sad that the graduating class of 2018 witnessed the rights of students being trampled, but it did prepare them for the possibility of authority to control your right to free speech. Hopefully, this generation will continue to not put up with the bullying and fight harder than my generation.

Stay tuned for the “OMG, the district needs more money campaign” (when they really do not). I bet they use the Community Campus as leverage. Psst—check out the scattered lots and abandoned buildings they own now. Go, Kevin Garrison!

Sheri Thomas, Hailey

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