As some of you may already know, my dad, Dan Turner (aka Pop Pops to my boys), is running for Trustee of the Blaine County School District. If you are a resident of Zone 4 in Blaine County, vote for him in the upcoming election on Tuesday, Nov. 2! 

Those of you who know Dan have watched him work tirelessly on the Board over the last year and a half to advocate for positive change in the Blaine County School District. As a permanent resident of the community for over 10 years, Dan has put his energy into giving back in the best way he can, by helping the children of the Wood River Valley and beyond.  Dan cares deeply for all children, and he recognizes that they are our future leaders, innovators, and hope for our planet. 

When it comes to educating our children, Dan believes that every decision is important and will make sure no leaf goes unturned in gathering all the information needed to come up with sound and creative solutions to each issue that arises.

He wants to continue helping the kids as a Trustee by:

  • Collaborating with community nonprofits 
  • Closing the learning gaps exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Expanding access to preschool, after-school and summer learning opportunities for all kids
  • Developing strategies to address critical housing shortages for school staff and educators
  • Overseeing district finances and resource allocations to best support students 

Dan is proud of the current board’s work to build the new district leadership team, including the transition of the excellent new superintendent, Jim Foudy.

Having had both my boys in the BCSD last year at Hemingway and Wood River Middle School and experiencing firsthand how important a strong Board of Trustees is, I can’t imagine anyone better for this position.

Alex Winston, Hailey

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