I proudly support Courtney Hamilton for re-election to City Council. Courtney is deeply rooted in this community and continues to prove her commitment to helping it grow in a positive way. Courtney demonstrates her passion for Ketchum through countless efforts outside of the job description unlike anyone I know. She is collaborative, intelligent, kind, and devoted to doing what is right. Courtney has worked tirelessly in her first term to represent the people of this town, and I know of no better candidate to continue the job.

Ketchum is at a crux point. As more people discover why we love living here, Ketchum grows, changes and adapts. We need to examine our values and think about what makes this town truly amazing (because it is!) We need creative public servants to ensure that Ketchum continues to be the vibrant, welcoming, and beautiful community that it is. Courtney is undoubtedly the person for this job.

As a homeowner, teacher, recreationist, and environmentalist, I see Courntey’s efforts and mission addressing the diversity of needs that our citizens desire. Don’t just take my word, let the weight of her endorsements speak for themselves. Courtney has been endorsed by the Conservation Voters for Idaho for her commitment to sustainability and by the Ketchum Fire Department, who we trust with our lives!

Where can you find Courtney? You’ll find her at Galena, mountain biking, or working on her garden. You’ll find her talking to people about affordable housing options, drawing young people into getting involved in their community, or working on energy efficiency projects through her other job. Best of all? If you want to find Courtney to talk about ideas or concerns, she will go out of her way to hear you out. Courtney is of, committed to, and connected to this community.

Annie DeAngelo, Ketchum

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