During the last six years of the 17 years I served on the Hailey City Council, it was my pleasure, and the entire council’s good fortune, to serve with Councilman Pat Cooley. It is Hailey’s good fortune that Pat has chosen to run for another term.

Pat was elected following five years of service on Hailey’s Planning and Zoning Commission, the last two as chairman. His position as a water supervisor for Ketchum has given him expertise on water and sewage issues, along with longtime experience in infrastructure development and maintenance, and municipal finance and budgeting. These attributes have been invaluable in assisting our council in supplying city services, maintaining a balanced budget, and capital reserves. He also has dedicated many, many hours aimed at developing and improving Hailey’s parks.

  In short, the city of Hailey cannot afford to lose the management and leadership qualities provided by Pat. I urge you to give Pat Cooley your vote on Nov. 5.

Don Keirn, Hailey

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