This is a hard time to be lucky, but I am. I am healthy, maybe a bit stir-crazy, but financially able to weather the storm of COVID-19. I am lucky—the biggest decision I must make is not how to pay my mortgage, but how can I help others in this community who are less fortunate.

Whatever the amount of the “stimulus check” I may receive, I can live without it. I join with the folks at Party Animal Vodka in urging those for whom the check is “found” money, who can also get by without it, to join in donating all, or even just part, of the money to local nonprofits that desperately need it today to help our community.

I want the money to go to work now and not just be added to my checking account. There are ample nonprofit organizations in Blaine County that will put the money to work immediately to provide for food, housing, health care, counseling, domestic violence shelters or transportation to work or daycare so a parent can get to their job or doctor’s office.

The money will circulate now, and the effect of the spending will multiply many times over, as the money is passed from original recipient to grocery store, then to grocery clerks and shelf stockers; or from landlord to landscaper or carpenter, and then back to a grocery store; and the chain continues, the benefit continues to multiply.

Please consider helping those who need the help now. For many, the stimulus check is a gift—a perfect way and time to pay it forward.

Steve Wolper


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