For some time now, northbound commuters to our valley have chosen to use Broadford Road instead of state Highway 75 because the traffic north to Hailey on state Highway 75 is backed up and very slow from 7-8 a.m. and later. I counted 200 cars in 15 to 20 minutes on one typical work day. What was once a rural residential road has become an alternate route for those wanting to apparently get to their destinations perhaps a bit earlier on the “Broadford shortcut?”

A left turn to River street gets the traffic next as turning north by the LDS church from Cedar street is difficult. I realize that movement in a vehicle most often trumps sitting still or moving at a snail's pace on state Highway 75, but really folks, an optional solution would be to simply leave earlier and have no traffic whatsoever. I am hopeful, as are many of us living along Broadford Road, that the once quiet rural road that we all know and enjoy can again be just that, and not what it has recently become. Please consider a small time change in your travels and stay on state Highway 75; the Broadford Road residents would be thankful and appreciative for that consideration.

Brad Billger, Hailey

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