Yet again, what a splendid and historic weekend it was! Many congratulations to everyone who makes the Trailing of the Sheep such a uniquely special annual celebration.

My one comment would be; Isn’t it a shame the delightful Folklife Fair down in Hailey lasts for just one day? It is such a fantastic display of every aspect of the valley’s long connection with the woolly ones—music, dance, shearing demos, booths overflowing with exquisite handmade hats, gloves, scarves, toys, bags, rugs, cheeses, soaps, and, my perennial favorite, several people sitting quietly spinning wool into yarn exactly as it has been spun for millennia. 

The fair is always well-attended; indeed, you need to get there early to get anywhere near many of the booths or demonstrations or performances, so surely it merits at least two days over the weekend, rather than only one? Every year, I realize I’d have gone back again to buy some Christmas presents—if they hadn’t folded their tents and disappeared for another year.

Diana Fassino, Hailey

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