What is a museum today?

A place that invites robust inquiry and participation.

An educational institution that extends beyond its four walls into the community and schools.

A space that welcomes everyone from toddlers to seniors.

Programming that broadly encompasses film, lectures, performing arts, theater and music as well as traditional visual arts.

Relevant and thought-provoking work that connects audiences to ideas and motivates artists to create.

Public art projects that bring awareness to, and interact with, the natural world around us.

This is exactly what the Sun Valley Center for the Arts has been doing in the Wood River Valley for almost half a century. We are an accredited museum—a status conferred by the American Alliance of Museums. We are also a free, noncollecting museum, so our focus can be on providing timely, relevant and fresh programming rather than amassing objects.

Much like the changes that have occurred in libraries over the past decades, museums have evolved into dynamic, participatory spaces offering activities, classes, exhibits, performances, lectures, film and theater for people of all ages—often spilling outside their own bricks and mortar. Twenty-first-century museums’ focus on audience extends to issues of access and equity and to presenting diverse viewpoints. We see this in some of the most successful and exciting museums in the country today.

As we consider our place in the modern interpretation of today’s museums on the brink of our 50th anniversary, and to better reflect all that the Sun Valley Center for the Arts does, we are proud and excited to announce that we are now the Sun Valley Museum of Art.

We have a bold new look, a compelling and user-friendly website and a progressive vision for the role of the arts in our community. Our focus has been, and remains, providing music, lectures, visual arts, education programming and Company of Fools theater that inspires and illuminates. We hope you will share our excitement about this change as we lean forward into our next 50 years.

The board of directors

Sun Valley Museum of Art

Linda Bowling, Amber Busuttil Mullen, Kelly Corroon, Adam Elias, Ellen Gillespie, Kay Hardy, Caroline Hobbs, Andie Laporte, Barbara Lehman, Linda Nicholson, Wendy Pesky, Jim Reid, Katherine Rixon, Lisa Stelck

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