I found Tony Evans' article "Moving Into Blaine County" in your Nov. 10 Economic Almanac alarming--especially how many restaurants have closed or are on the brink of closing (13). One thing it did not mention, however, is that our hospital here has only 25 beds, which given how many retirees, especially, have moved here is very troubling. The hospital serves not only Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey and Bellevue, but also Carey, Picabo and sometimes Shoshone. Doesn't seem like a lot of the people who've moved here have given any thought that a lot of the infrastructure in this valley simply cannot support such a large population increase.

That chart on Page 6 of the Almanac showing the staggeringly large number of Blaine County driver's licenses that have been issued for recently relocated valley residents--and how many people and from what states these new residents have come from--is easily one of the scariest things I've read this year!

John Pluntze, Ketchum

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