Kiki Tidwell is running for county commissioner. Recently, candidate Tidwell placed advertisements espousing her support for affordable housing.

Let’s set the record straight.

In one recent advertisement, she claimed that “now is not the time for the county to be frivolously fighting in the courts.”

An astonishing statement given that since 2018, she has been actively suing Blaine County, ARCH Community Housing and the Blaine County Housing Authority (Tidwell v. Blaine County, Blaine County case CV07-18-00551). Tidwell is suing because she objects to the construction of an affordable housing duplex intended to serve the valley’s essential workers. Although she admitted in court that she is unable to see this duplex from her residence, over a mile away, she claims in her lawsuit that she would be negatively impacted by it as she rides her bike on the bike path and drives past on Buttercup Road, and that her golf play on the fourth hole of The Valley Club would be negatively impacted.

Another paid advertisement asserts the county should not “be giving away a $3 million piece of real estate and $500,000” in support of the Blaine Manor affordable housing serving seniors and essential workers.

The county attempted to sell the property at auction—there were no successful bidders. The land and cash donations were the only reasons that the highly competitive federal financing was awarded to ARCH. Without the county donations, there would be no development.

Affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges facing our community—more so as we look to recover. This is not the time to elect a double-talking agitator who is conflicted by her own real estate development agenda.

Marty Albertson, Ketchum

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