The headline story in the Sept. 18 issue (“Planned hotel faces opposition”) was about the opposition to the proposed “Boutique” Marriott Hotel, and the significant waivers that the developer is asking for with respect to density, height, stories and setbacks. The illustration that the Mountain Express chose to show is from the north including a portion of the Limelight Hotel, which is really misleading. Note that this is the high side of the site, which makes the hotel look less massive and shorter than from other angles. If shown from the east or southeast, as one enters town, the height and mass of this hotel is better illustrated. At one point on the site, the hotel reaches 72 feet and six stories—much higher than the illustration in the article depicts. If shown from these other angles, the hotel is significantly out of scale and proportion to the surroundings and neighboring properties.

Keep up the pressure on the City Council to enforce the existing zoning laws that are carefully put in place. No to waivers! Join the “Stop the Marriott in Ketchum” petition at, write your council members and attend the council hearing on Oct. 7.

Scott Hanson, Fox Island, Wash. and Ketchum

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