Regarding the letter to the editor from Carol Eleazer in the 12/26/18 edition of the Idaho Mountain Express, we would like to take a minute to respond to your letter. We, as the Board of Realtors, have discussed trying to shop locally and from a sheer volume standpoint it is very difficult for our soft-goods purchases. This year, we purchased snow boots, coats, snow pants, gloves and other cold-weather gear for 621 individual children at a cost of $17,000. This kind of efficiency is simply not feasible locally, as there is no retailer (to our knowledge) that can get us that kind of return for our dollars, while still making a profit for their business.

We regularly empty Target of all of the above items in virtually every size and style available until they are able to get another shipment in to restock their shelves. Before King’s closed last year, they served as our local retailer to buy what fill-in clothing purchases we couldn’t in Twin Falls, and we primarily used them to purchase toys. Since then, there is no other local retailer who carries merchandise at the price point for us to be efficient in providing for the needs and wants of these many families. Our mission in the Holiday Baskets program is to make sure that as many children as possible will be warm and safe during the winter.

We feel it is important to note that Holiday Baskets also provides toys and a full Christmas dinner to all the families that apply. We purchased all the food from the local Atkinsons’ Market and gift cards for perishables from the local Albertson’s in the amount of $14,000. Our total dollars spent is pretty close to half local, and half at the Twin Falls Target, so we feel we are doing our best to shop locally where it is appropriate.

If there was a local clothing retailer who had the ability to order what we need in the volume, variety and price required, we would be thrilled to shop locally, but in absence of that, we must continue to make our dollars stretch the absolute furthest they can.

We are very well versed in the local dollar multiplier formula, which you point out, and in all other purchases we strive to shop locally. We appreciate your concerns, and thank you for your engagement. If you were to be able to convince our local retailers to assist us in finding the goods we need at a price point that works for both our budget and their bottom line, we’d be very thankful.

Stephanie Reed

Ned Burns

2018 and 2019 Sun Valley

Board of Realtors presidents

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