As a native of Idaho and a resident of the Wood River Valley since the early ’60s and owning a home on Broadford Road since the early ’70s, it has become increasingly difficult for me to ignore the increasing activity on our beloved road. It is now, obviously, being used as a diversion from our congested major highway, and this is really nothing new—after all, it is a road.

That being the point, I would like to politely ask the cyclists, walkers and other recreationists to be aware and considerate of the road, which was built and maintained for the residences that are on the road. I am pleased that it is being utilized in such a healthy and productive way, but please be aware that it still is a road and don’t spread out all over the place. When you hear a vehicle (which it was built for) please single file it and make room for that vehicle. It’s a beautiful ride, but it isn’t a park and people still live on the road and need to travel it too, in their vehicles. Have fun and be polite.

Sharon Parker, Bellevue

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