Ketchum kindness crushed the curve. We quarantined, wore masks and gloves and ordered take-out from our exceptional restaurants. And we missed each other. But we had Zoom cocktail parties and poker games. The streets were empty. And we crushed it!

The science on mask-wearing is indisputable. I am not a scientist, but even I can understand that masks stop the spread and save lives. So do that, be a good person and we will stay safe.

Yes, they mess with your lipstick, fog up your glasses and you lose them at the bottom of your purse. And depending on how much garlic you had the night before, it can be a bit distasteful. But you can save the health and the life of someone by wearing them.

I could dazzle you with the scientific data, but instead, a more compelling reason is “Be like a local.” We wear masks. Not on a hike, but definitely at the grocery store. And if you do, too, you will fit right in. We know you want to be one of us because, well, we are very good people. Stay safe.

Nadine McWilliams, Ketchum

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