Anyone with half a brain predicted declining enrollments (Express article by Mark Dee, March 15) at BCSD, given the systematic gentrification and social engineering inherent in the second-home, resort, VRBO, investment real estate economy of this valley.

Without the opportunity for a nest in the elevated socio-economic habitat of this valley, children from working families have become an endangered species. Those with proceeds from the sale of another home in a similarly priced market or the help of family will perhaps have the resources for entry into our retirement area, many sending their children to private schools.

Intended or not, action and inaction both have consequences. I am not attaching labels representing judgments of “good or bad,” “right or wrong,” to any existential realities confronting our community. Solutions may or may not be found for problems, real or imagined. Any debate engaged regarding government participation, like everything else, is primarily about money and who provides it.

In the spirit of division now dominating this country, lines have been drawn. Locally, we have those financially insecure taxpayers objecting to the profligacy and waste of a top-heavy, heavy-handed bureaucracy at BCSD, versus the winners who support a virtually unlimited budget for education, despite decades of research revealing that such profligacy has no direct correlation to improved outcomes.

I was surprised to see Bryan Fletcher and Superintendent GwenCarol Holmes “communicating” funding structure, rather than the district spokeswoman.

I was not surprised to see that absolutely no mention was made of either current or future levies beyond “other local sources,” obfuscation typical of BCSD. Then, when the time comes, these levies will be loudly declared as “critical” elements of district funding, declining enrollments reducing state funding will result in an even bigger ask, without which the universe will collapse. But they apparently don’t want to talk about this looming “crisis” now—future drama and histrionics will allow them to more effectively shake down taxpayers and deflect “heartless” opposition opinion.

With almost two years remaining on her existing extravagant contract, Holmes had the school board quickly extend it for another three years, adroitly avoiding real discussion of any substantive changes in the terms. She will be waving “So long, suckers” from the rear-view mirror of her diamond-encrusted, platinum parachute, to the wealthy rubes blindly supporting her agenda. Well-played, Gwen!

William F. Hughes, Hailey

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